Make new connections. Spark new answers.

Last night around 70 do-gooders and troublemakers from charities, campaign groups and the world of politics descended on Newspeak House in London for our free community screening of ‘Knock Down The House’.

If you don’t know it, ‘Knock Down The House’ is a brilliant documentary that takes you behind the scenes as four determined women, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC to her friends), challenge big money politics in the 2018 race for Congress in the USA.

It was such an inspiring and moving film. And as we watched these four incredible women run their campaigns, there were moments of real emotion and plenty of tears in the room.

The very best thing was sharing the experience with so many talented people and hearing a diverse set of views, opinions and perspectives from the room when the film was over (expertly facilitated by Jo Kerr).


When we set up Rally we promised ourselves we’d do more to bring groups of people together. It’s too easy to go to the same events, see the same speakers and hear the same messages. We passionately believe that if we all meet people from outside of our fields, we learn new stuff, we make new connections that can spark new answers to old problems and it’s more fun. Last night was our first step towards keeping our promise and, from the buzz in social, we can already see that new connections have been made and interesting conversations have started - which has made us so very happy.

Watch this space and Twitter for details of future events.

And thanks again to all the amazing people who showed up on a Monday night and made it such a great evening.

And if you want to put on a screening, all the details on how to do it are here and here. Do it. It’s fun.