We are Rally. We mobilise public support behind world changing organisations and causes.



‘The action of organising and encouraging a group of people to take collective action in pursuit of a particular objective’

We inspire people to take action. We set the vision, we create strategies, we turn the strategies into action, we fundraise, we campaign and we win.

We’re not a conventional agency - whatever that is. We’re more of a hub or collective.

A rapidly changing world demands new approaches to winning the public’s support.

Rally exists to help our clients do exactly that.

  • We build movements not lists.

  • We attract support rather than acquire supporters.

  • We promote shared values and the mission before fundraising products.

  • We inspire the public to take action: to connect, amplify, turn up, sign up, donate, share, vote, volunteer or to lead.

We create the strategies, the tactics and the inspiration to do it.

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